Satsuma Nightmare - A brief history

The band were formed in 1983 with members Alan Stocker (synths) and Bill Henderson (guitar and synths). Our intention of playing the music we liked and irritating people along the way. With the arrival of Jon Humphries (guitar and vocals) this line-up played regular, anarchic gigs until he left in the summer of 1984 (e.g. Old Coffee Bar and College Hall). Stocker and Henderson (with occasional other members) continued to play live at various venues in the Leicester region until 1987 when Bill too left, but left little recorded studio output (old tapes).

There it should have stopped, since family commitments and space meant that the analogue synths had to go. However, in 1993 with the advent of cheap, compact midi-equipped digital modules the band was reborn (Universal Fruit, Another Fine Mess). In 1994, Stocker was joined by guitarist Jon Angell and together they recorded the Lifesigns EP, Non-Specular Reflections), and Plugged, and played a number of gigs in 1995-97 with additional member, Helen Parish on guitar. Contributions have also been to made to a number of compilations including Network 388, GoldTri v1 and v2, and Dreamwatchers tales vol 1. Dreams of Home (a Stocker solo) was released in 1998.

At the moment, we are even more devoid of inspiration than usual, trying to get to grips with Cubase SX, and writing these web pages.

Satsuma Nightmare can be contacted via email A.J. Stocker

Additional music to download can be found at soundclick

Pages updated February 2004.